Hit the Road!: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Class B RV

Hit the Road!: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Class B RV

It’s no surprise if you’re buying an RV for the first time. The RV industry is booming, with 2021 seeing a 362% increase in RV sales compared to a decade before. And if you’ve never purchased an RV before, a class B RV is a great way to get involved in the RV lifestyle.

There are some essential things to consider when looking for the best class B RV. Use the four tips below to learn how to choose an RV that works for you.

1. Pick the Right Size

Class B RVs are smaller than others. They are camper vans, which means you’ll have much less space than other types of RVs.

But there are several different sizes of class B RVs. You can typically find them in sizes between 16 inches and 25 inches. If space is a concern, pick the RV with enough space for your needs.

2. Check the Quality

Quality is a big concern when you purchase a class B RV. You may not have many issues if you buy new from the lot (outside of normal RV issues when buying new). But you have more research to do if you purchase a used class B RV.

Try to get an inspection report detailing any RV problems before buying. An RV dealer may already have one if they have a large RV inventory. However, you may need to do this yourself if you buy from a private seller.

3. Verify the Warranty

An RV should have a warranty when you buy it from a dealer. Reputable RV dealers verify that used RVs work as intended and offer manufacturer warranties for new products. Before you buy an RV, see what’s covered in those warranties.

You can find standard warranties for RVs by looking online. Learn what the standards are in the industry and ensure the dealer you buy an RV at offers a similar warranty.

4. View the RV In Person

With the abundance of RV deals online, you may find a camper van out of your area. You may have the temptation to buy sight unseen if it looks like a good deal. But try to avoid making this mistake.

You want to get a first-hand look at an RV before you buy. If you need to travel to do this, take a day and make the trip. You may lose out on a deal, but doing this will ensure you make the right choice.

Purchase the best Class B RV

Finding a new RV can be a challenging process. If you’ve reached this point, you’ve already come to a conclusion in the class B vs class C RV debate. However, you still have much to consider when looking for the best class B RV.

But now that you’ve read the guide above, you should understand more about what goes into the RV buying process. Keep it in mind while searching for an RV that meets your needs.

Are you interested in learning what to expect once you get your RV and take it on the road? Check out the blog to learn more about planning your first RV trip.

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