A Guide to the Different Types of Digital Art

Did you know that the majority of well-paying art jobs out there involve digital art? This is not surprising considering the increase in digital art’s popularity, and a shift in culture from the “real world” to online.

If you’re an art lover, it’s time to start looking into the digital art world. If you’re an investor, it might just be time to start collecting digital art.

But to start a digital art collection, you need to understand the types of digital art that are out there. This article will walk you through some of those different art types.

Graphic Design

Graphic design takes up a big amount of space in the art world. Every webpage you see needs to be designed by someone—things don’t just come out looking the way they do naturally.

If you see sites that are aesthetically pleasing, front pages that have art on them, and ads with colorful colors, this is the work of a graphic designer.

Designers are some of the most down-to-earth artists out there because they understand the intersection of art and commerce better than anyone else.


NFT art isn’t a specific type of art, as much as it’s a new way of looking at art and approaching the art world. It represents a path forward for artists and a new way for artists to support themselves in this mercurial world.

NFT art, in essence, is art that’s supported by the blockchain—turned from a simple digital image into a cryptographically secured piece of code. Only the person with the key to this image can access it—making digital art just as precious as traditional art.

Anyone interested in collecting art is definitely excited by this statement. Check out various NFT options if you’re looking for digital art.

Digital College

Digital collage is a great way for artists to make more abstract types of art. Normally, abstract art has been limited to those in the “high art” world and those that can present their work in a subsidized place like an art museum.

However, lately, digital artists have been using their online art skills, combined with a frenetic, meme-influenced style of collage to make unique artworks. Some make use of “readymades” taking existing images and recovering them, or cutting and pasting them.

If you’re familiar with the “vaporware” aesthetic, you understand this style. Artists would often recolor old abandoned malls and drop in pictures of old statues. Even the music made use of altered forms of other music.

Understand the Types of Digital Art

As you can see, there are many types of digital art there for you to invest in and support. As we explore the online world further and further, we’re only more likely to discover new uses for these forms of digital art.

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