A Guide to the Different Types of Supplements

A consumer survey of dietary supplements found that 77% of Americans take a dietary supplement. Supplements are a great option for getting the nutrients you don’t get in your diet. However, you need to take the right supplement to ensure you get the benefits you think you’re getting.

Consider the different types of supplements to find the right option for your dietary needs and lifestyle.


The basic supplement form is the tablet. The pills are compressed powders formed into the shape of a pill.

Once swallowed, they could dissolve right away or time release to dissolve slowly. Unfortunately, tablets are the most affordable, but they don’t always fully dissolve in the stomach. This reduces effectiveness.


Capsules have a two-piece outer shell that is full of powder or liquid. The body absorbs capsule supplements better than tablets. However, they contain fewer nutrients.


Softgel supplements are another third pill form. They use vegetable or gelatin fillers to form the outside of the pill. Then there is a nutrient-containing liquid inside.

Many people find these pills easier to swallow than tablets or capsules. In addition, once the body breaks down the outer shell, the liquid inside is easily absorbed.


A powder supplement is loose so that you can mix it into a drink or food. This type of supplement is excellent for someone looking to customize their dosing.

However, there is a downside to powder. You don’t get the full benefit if it doesn’t dissolve into your drink and settles in the bottom of the glass.


Taking liquid supplements or tinctures tends not to be as popular. This is because the liquid form is not as shelf-stable as pill supplements. This means the liquid loses effectiveness easily and quickly.

The liquid is typically an oil or an extract that you place in your mouth with an eye dropper or mix into another beverage. This is a great option for someone with digestive issues or who struggles to swallow pills. Because it’s already a liquid, the body quickly absorbs it, allowing for maximum nutrient absorption.


Unfortunately, gummies contain more additives than other supplement types. These include flavoring, coloring, and a sweetener. These additions make the gummy enjoyable because many pure supplements taste unpleasant.

Unfortunately, gummy supplements are less healthy than the other supplement types. In addition, gummies are less effective than the other supplement types. This is because they have lower nutrient levels than the other delivery methods.


A new product in the nutritional supplements market is strips. These are ultra-thin film rectangles that you place on your tongue. Wait a few minutes to let the Nutri Strips dissolve on your tongue, then swallow.

Unlike other supplements that come in a single large container, strips come individually wrapped. This helps preserve them better by protecting them from exposure to light, moisture, and bacteria. With greater protection comes reduced nutrient breakdown, so you get maximum potency.

Choose From These Types of Supplements

Taking supplements is part of a healthy living lifestyle for many people. If your doctor suggests you start taking one or more supplements, your next decision is to choose from these types of supplements. While effectiveness and potency are essential, you also need to be able to take it easily.

Ultimately, the best supplement is the one you take regularly and is effective enough to give you the nutrients you need.

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